From the past week, sudden night drawings because of reasons, and this time, it was -fox guys mood- ‘-‘

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Been sometime that I don’t post songs, I was forgetting this one, almost finished another one but it killed my arm, all the mouse clicking around hurts ;w;

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Ryuko and Satsuki ~ 

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These were fun to draw ~  

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Satsuki - Kill la Kill

College works are not over.. yet.. but I was dying to do something, so I enjoyed a little break yesterday~

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Raiden fanart o/ more like a speedpaint, my brain decided that it’d be a great idea to draw something 5:00 in the morning instead of going to sleep o/ … I still have too many college works D: but this was a very fun break :>

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Something from yesterday as a break between my works :> 

Espurr o/ 

Don’t mind the background for mood only purposes please ~ 

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New song! ~

Well, this was the result of some studies  months ago~
I ended up creating a whole setting out of this song (even though I don’t think that other people can actualy related the setting with the song…well..there is the album art for you~ )

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Terezi :D

I posted long ago a wip of this, well, here it is finished~ 

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It’s been quite the time that I don’t post any wip and stuff…and oh… I have so many things in progress >_< 

so I will move this blog a bit with this steampunk - art nouveau themed illustrations/characters…                                                  

you can also check my deviantart  page for details or more info about this if you want :>

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I saw this post and felt a little tempted…  :>

"Why not?”  

So I ended up trying out my painting in a full body character drawing, I never did this, so it was a good study too :)

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Real random drawings/sketches, there was a thing in an art group, and the results were the 2 bottom drawings (they requested sketches from a Tyrion from a pic that they posted and a - make a sketch based on the pose- thing) they stopped with the sketch challenges..but I wanted to do a little random collection to continue the…..”’style”’

I know that I made a tooth mistake on Midna ._.

I know that Kamina’s cloak isn’t that way XD

and other thingies…… was mostly for practicing my traditional lines in the digital media ( I had problems with this a few months ago..)


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-New song :D

-I made this to be a loop, to post it, I repeated the whole sequence twice and then faded it out

-Think of it as a bgm to some sort of hidden lab ”ruins” with underground areas still working in a game level ~

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